Chris Jackson / Staff-Getty Images

James Bond Going "Eco-Friendly?"

James Bond has driven some of the coolest cars the in the world. Who can forget the Aston Martin DB5 in "Goldfinger" (pictured above), the Lotus Esprit in "The Spy Who Loved Me," The Aston Martin "Volante" in "The Living Daylights," or the latest, spectacular Aston Martin DB10 in "Spectre."

I know, my "James Bond" geek flag is flying.

Anyway, my point is part of the Bond-mystique is he drives some of the finest, fastest, rarest, gas-guzzling rides on the planet, and now...he's going to be driving to save the planet.

In the new Bond film about to go before the cameras, it's being reported Agent 007 will be dodging bad guys in an electric car?

Okay, so it is an Aston Martin (The RapidE), and it is exclusive (only 155 of them in the world), but an electric car?

It has a top speed of 150 mph...normally, that's like-what-third gear for a Bond car?

C'mon...what's next?