Regal's 4DX? OMG!

So was invited to do something that I hadn't done in 10 years this morning.  Back in 2009, we took our son to Disney and Universal Studios in Orlando.While there, we went to a "Shrek 4D Experience."  Now, we'd heard of 3D, but 4D?

4D is complete immersion.  In other words, you actually feel as if you are IN the movie.  When the car shakes, you shake.  When there are fresh Magnolia blossoms on-screen, you smell them.  When a character is floating in air, you feel the breeze.  And this button?


It ain't no joke.  Someone crashes into water...guess what?

It's amazing.

We went to see "Captain Marvel" this morning at Regal Stonecrest's new 4DX Theater (first in North Carolina-btw).  I love superhero movies.  So I would have enjoyed it, anyway.  HOWEVER, because of 4DX, I REALLY liked it!

Now, I would not recommend this for EVERY movie.  It needs to be one of action, suspense, adventure, etc.  In other words, you won't get anything out of "The Notebook" in 4DX. 😉

BTW...the above video was taken BEFORE the movie...during a 4DX TRAILER!

Also, it comes at a premium.  4DX is $21 during the week. $25 on the weekends, but for the right movie...WELL worth it!