Mark Metcalfe / Stringer-Getty Images

New Mayor Poops On City Hall Floor

Gotta love this story. Last week, we told you about the tiny town of Fair Haven, Vermont. Apparently, they don't take their politics very serious as thy elected a 3-year-old goat named Lincoln to the office of mayor.

Seriously, Lincoln was 'elected' as part of a special fundraiser where Fair Haven residents could nominate their pets for a $5 fee. The money raised will go towards building a playground.

Well, yesterday was his swearing-in ceremony and Lincoln wasted no time getting down to, doing business. Post swearing in, and still adorned in a sash that read 'MAYOR', should I put this...dropped the deuce on the floor of city hall.

Just like any other politician, full of...

In honor of Lincoln, I thought I'd share my favorite goat video. "Harry" the beer drinking goat

You're welcome.