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The last time I remember someone being so open and honest about having a phobia against this was Vince Vaughn’s character in our favorite holiday movie, “Four Christmases.”

It’s NEVER NOT funny!

Joining Vince in this world, is Carly Pearce. “I have a really weird, true phobia of vomit. I genuinely worry when I’m sleeping on my bus with my band that somebody is gonna get sick and what would I do. Or in meet and greets, if somebody has thrown up…I mean, it’s a thing. I don’t know how to explain it.”

Wait, she’s not done. It gets better

“Anytime anybody is sick, I have fears. I don’t want to be around them for weeks. Vomit is my thing.”

So, she and Michael Ray are dating seriously (see above photo). I certainly hope kids aren’t in her future…cuz vomit…it’s THEIR thing! 😉