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I hate to say, “I told you so,” but hey…I’m a dad so I live to say it. There was NEVER a doubt in my mind that Amazon’s Alexa was ALWAYS a one way glass window.

Now it’s been revealed to be just that. When you are asking questions or making requests to Alexa, THOUSANDS of Amazon employees are listening in too.

The company’s claim, of course, is “the data annotation helps Alexa to better understand and it’s only a small portion of recordings that are listened to by employees.”

You gonna believe this? This is the same company that NEVER told you they were listening in the first place.   Do you REALLY think that their ONLY listening when you ask questions?

Y’all this is BAD news, I’m telling you…

Please don’t let me say, “I told you so…” about this again.

Gosh, I really do sound like my dad. <g>