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These are the perfect little “pick-me-up”  bite or addition to your cocktail.  We made them to take to the beach for July 4th last year, and they were a huge hit.  


10 ounce jar maraschino cherries with stems (I found them on the aisle with the cocktail mixers)

Vanilla flavored vodka (I used a cake flavored vodka because that’s what I had)

White melting chocolate or candy melts

Blue sugar sprinkles


Drain the juice from the cherries.  Save for another use.  Replace the juice with enough vodka to cover cherries.  Place jar in refrigerator to infuse for at least 2 hours or up to 24.  If you prefer not to use vodka, you can skip this step for alcohol-free treats.  After cherries have soaked, strain the vodka from them.  This cherry-infused vodka can be used for cocktails later.  Place cherries on paper towels and pat dry.  Melt chocolate in microwave according to package directions.  Dip each cherry about 2/3 up in chocolate, leaving some red to show.  Dip the bottom portion of cherry in blue sugar to create a red, white and blue effect.  Leave to set up on parchment before serving.  The sugar color can be changed to fit your favorite school color for tailgating or another holiday color.  Refrigerate any leftover cherries and remaining juice if saving.