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Occassionally, I like to see stories like this.  No I don’t revel in the crumbling of others lives, rather I like it when we see that celebrities can have the same woes in life as we.

In this case, a crazy ex-girlfriend.

I had almost forgotten about Patricia Driscoll.  Remember her?  She was Kurt Busch’s ex, who back in 2014 leveled accusations of  domestic violence against the NASCAR driver (according to court records).

This became a classic when Driscoll sought a temporary restraining order against Busch, leading to a court hearing in which he testified under oath that he believed Driscoll was a paid assassin. Prosecutors did not charge Busch with a crime, citing insufficient evidence.

I would have charged him with idiocy on a number of levels, but that’s not a crime.

ANYWAY, flash forward.

Patricia Driscoll was found guilty in November on two counts each of wire fraud and tax evasion and on one count of first-degree fraud in her handling of funds for the nonprofit, Armed Forces Foundation (that she led for 12 years).

She had filed for a new trial and that request has been shot down as of last week.  No date for sentencing has been set, but she is facing significant jail time.