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OMG! We’ve been saying this for years and no one’s ever paid attention to us.  Perhaps we would have garnered more notice if we were on TV…but who wants to see that!

Anyway, Kelly Rips isn’t just not a fan of “The Bachelor,” she finds it disgusting.  She believes the show depicts women in an unflattering light.

During her “Live” show, she referenced 25 exceptional women fighting over an ordinary man.  She feels women are too good for that kind of behavior on a show.

We’ll take it one further.  We think it’s WAYYYY BELOW women to voluntarity submit to this show and it’s inherent behavior.

There is no way one of these girls watches this show back in five years and says, “I’m so glad I acted like this on national TV.”  It’s beyond unrealistic.  In life, no man has 25 women fawning like this.

Good for you Kelly.  And welcome to the party.