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Now, I’m not denying her popularity with a significant number of people (although…still don’t get it).  That being said, I can also go through a laundry list of reasons why Kim Kardashian is reviled by an equally large number.

However, I’ll just stick to one:  incredible narcissism.  How about THIS headline this morning:  “Kim Kardashian ‘threatened’ by Meghan Markle after royal baby Archie stole her thunder.”


Apparently, the reality star reportedly thought Meghan Markle’s firstborn son overshadowed her fourth child and she is NOT pleased that everyone’s attention is toward Meghan, Harry, and the littlest Windsor.

Here’s the deal…with just about everyone else, you’d shake this headline off as impossible, right? Can you do that with Kim K, tho?


One can only hope parenthood and maturity will somehow change her, but as she’s already three kids into it now, that looks improbable.