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They’ve become an increasingly invasive species.

The number of coyotes that have been spotted is growing in numbers.

Competing against local foxes and wolves, and killing domesticated animals, coyotes are making their mark in the area.

Last year, a pack of coyotes killed 2 dogs in the front yard of a man’s Iredell County home, and a German Shepherd therapy dog was recently attacked by a pack in Weddington.

Officials with the animal control recommend:

  • Keep dogs on leashes when walking them. Coyotes are much less likely to approach if a person is nearby.
  • Look around your backyard for the animals before you let the dogs out. If you encounter a coyote, back away slowly while yelling and waving your arms. Don’t run.
  • Call 911 if you are being threatened by coyotes or other animals.