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(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CRS)

Tanner tells what he thinks might be behind Zac Brown’s Message.


Having always done things his own way in Nashville, Zac took to the podium and thanked those he needed to for the honor then said, “This award is for all of you, my band and the outsiders that waded through everyone’s doubt. For you young artists have courage to stand up against the machine, be yourself, work hard and one day you can stand up here and tell all the haters to f— off.”


So what was Zac angry about? I will take a stab. I could be totally wrong though. Zac Brown has always been his own record label. He didn’t get signed by the very few major labels that control the music out of Nashville. One of the biggest labels is Big Machine. Could that be what he meant by “have the courage to stand up to the machine?” Meaning the music corporate machine and maybe one in general?

We may never know.