People Walking Out Of The Theaters At This

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Staff-Getty Images

The Sydney Film Festival in Australia has become a source of controversy and disgust this year when it comes to a new, horror film called, "The Nightingale." In fact, people are said to be walking out of the theater en masse!

The reason? As you can see in the trailer, an innocent looking woman is being preyed upon by a group of men. The character is 21-year-old Irish convict Clare, played by Aisling Franciosi, who watches her husband and baby be murdered before she's raped by several men in very graphic scenes.

She then sets out on a bloody course of revenge along with an Aboriginal man she recruits to help her track the men who violated her and her family.

Critics have been split on the film, with some praising it for its ownership of a violent story while others reckon it goes too far.

However, it (and its director, Jennifer Kent-pictured above) were honored at the recent Venice Film Festival for excellence.

I'm not sure if this will be released in theaters in the states. More likely, you'll be able to watch it/download it on demand before it migrates to streaming services where you can judge for yourself