Jon Stewart RIPS Congress...AND HE'S RIGHT!

Zach Gibson / Stringer-Getty Images

Jon Stewart was a brilliant host of "The Daily Show."  He was smart-funny, which is an attribute that we love above all others in comedy.

Now, we don't vote from the same side of the aisle.  And that's ok.  I think we've gotten to obsessed with "he a liberal," or "he's a conservative."  What we all are?


And some issues and causes should and do cut across all labels and "sides."  One of these is health care for the 9/11 first responders in NYC.

Honestly (and shamefully), I had no idea this was an issue until yesterday.  Stewart is an advocate for these people and went to speak before a Congressional Committee yesterday on this matter.

Only half of the committee showed up.

And he went off.  He went off for the responders, and he went off for all of us.

He should have and I'm glad he did!  You should be too.