Baby Shark "Live" Is Coming

Leon Neal / Staff-Getty Images

Hey Mom and Dad...what's the only thing worse than having to play "Baby Shark" over and over and over and over again in the car?

How about paying money to take your toddler to "Baby Shark Live!"

That's right, “Baby Shark Live” is starting a tour in October and will feature Baby Shark along with friend, Pinkfong as they go on an undersea adventure while singing, “Baby Shark” and other hits, “Five Little Monkeys”, ''Wheels on the Bus,” ''Jungle Boogie,” and ''Monkey Banana Dance.”

This...could be a fate WORSE than death.

You can register for pre-sale tickets at the “Baby Shark Live” website (and pray there's no Carolina dates, right?).

I wonder if they serve liquor at the show? 😉