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390936 05: Alligators rest on a rock in a small pond June 21, 2001 at the Seminole Okalee Indian Village in Hollywood, Florida. A small alligator has been spotted swimming in a lake in Central Park, New York City. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

They are so casual about this…but that creature is HUGE.

Stacie Childs-Wright and her husband Chad Wright used their pet alligator to reveal the gender of their baby!

Wright dangled a black balloon attached to a stick in front of the gator who chomped down on the balloon, filling the air with pink powder.

This will be the Wright’s 10th child in their blended family not including their pet gator, Amos, who they’ve had since 2000.

Congrats, Stacie and Chad…and Amos?!

PET ALLIGATOR????????? This family's pet alligator helped them for a gender reveal party to celebrate their 10th child!

Posted by Charlotte County FL, News on Wednesday, June 12, 2019