"Scary" Banana Splits? OMG See The NEW Movie Trailer

Peter Macdiarmid / Staff-Getty Images

Normally, I'm in favor of turning an original idea upside down for a remake or reboot, but in this case...I have too many childhood memories wrapped up in it.

I was too little to remember "The Banana Splits" initial TV run, but every summer, a local station would run it in syndication

Earlier this year it was revealed that someone was bringing back this children's series, but with a horror twist.

Okay...I'm a little trepadacious, but willing to give it a chance.

NOW tho, the movie's officially been given an R-rating for "horror, violence, and gore."

GORE?!  From "The Banana Splits?"

The movie is about a boy named Harley and his family attending a taping of the show for his birthday and things take a horrific turn.

I don't know if I'm ready for this.  The movie will be introduced on home video later this year and will then make its debut on SyFy.


Here's the trailer for the new movie...OMG