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COLOGNE, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 07: A Carnival reveller drives in an electric wheel chair during a carnival parade called "Schull- un Veedelszoech" as part of the carnival season on February 7, 2016 in Cologne, Germany. Carnival partying and parades, a centuries-old tradition in western and southwestern Germany, traditionally occurs in February and runs until Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, and culminates in Rose Monday parades and festivities. Police are on added alert this year, particularly in Cologne, due to the New Year`s Eve sex attacks on women that have been attributed to gangs of North African men, predominantly from Algeria and Morocco. (Photo by Volker Hartmann/Getty Images)

In South Carolina, A 25 Year Old Woman was pulled over for cruising the streets on her battery-powered toy truck the other night.  Though she was drunk, will she get a DUI?

A South Carolina woman who was pulled over for drunk driving won’t be getting a DUI citation.  Why?  Because she was driving a battery-powered toy truck. Police spotted 25-year-old Megan Holman rolling down the streat in a Power Wheels electric toy truck.  Officers say she was stopped about a mile from her home. Her choice of the vehicle means Holman will avoid a DUI charge, but she was still charged with public intoxication.

Ever try to ride in one of those toy trucks? Are you surprised that she managed to travel a full mile in one?

Mine as a kid didn’t even make it to the end of the driveway!

They see me rollin…