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BERLIN, GERMANY - MAY 07: In this photo illustration a young girl pretends to eat a locust seasoned with chili and bouhgt at a store selling insects for human consumption on May 7, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. An increasing numbers of advocates worldwide are promoting insects as a viable source of food for humans, citing the high protein value, abundance and low cost. (Photo Illustration by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

The next big food craze? We are going to pass on this trend.

This week, Barclays analysts predicted that ‘edible insects’ will explode into an $8 billion dollar industry by the year 2030, as demand for meat alternatives grows.

Some of the factors cited in the report include the increasing demand for plant-based proteins, a growing global population, and a younger generation that is less turned off by the idea of eating insects.

The report points out that sushi is now commonplace when it was once considered a ‘weird and whacky’ food.

Currently, about 2 billion people around the world eat bugs regularly.

No thank you!