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You probably won’t see me rocking a Prada bag anytime soon, but I applaud the fashion company for what they’re doing. After banning the use of fur in their products, Prada is doubling down on sustainability with a new line of bags made from trash pulled from the oceans.

Prada’s Re-Nylon collection will be made with Econyl, a material produced from recycled nylon fishing nets, ocean waste, and other textile fiber waste. The bags will come in six unisex styles, including a belt bag, tote bag, duffle, shoulder bag, and two backpacks.

Doing the environmentally responsible thing often comes at a premium, but it’s worth it. The Prada Re-Nylon bags will cost 20 percent higher than their original nylon collection, with a portion of the proceeds helping to fund sustainability projects. However, the price will drop over time.

I recently spent a week in Dorado, Puerto Rico where I saw and picked up a lot of plastic litter along the beach. It was discouraging to see an otherwise beautiful stretch of coastline marred by human laziness. People may never stop littering, but perhaps we can find more ways to collect and re-purpose that litter in the way that Prada is doing with these new bags.

Alexis Zarycki is your average girl with the hopes of leaving an everlasting impact on the world. Follow her on Instagram @official_lexpaige