It’s no secret that Jimmie Allen likes to keep things interesting at his shows, but he definitely threw us a curveball last night at Whisky River.

Here’s what happened. A few days prior to the show, I was listening to Allen’s music on my phone, and I came across “Back Of Your Mind.”

Admittedly, I hadn’t heard it before, but I instantly fell in love with the song. Off the MERCURY LANE record, “Back Of Your Mind” will definitely strike a chord with a lot of people.

Yesterday, before the show, I tweeted that I hoped Jimmie would sing the song live — And to my surprise, he did!

Before he switched gears, he said he saw the request on Twitter and hadn’t performed the song in about a year.

If you’ve ever wondered if country stars read the social posts they’re tagged in, this story is proof that they do!

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