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Maren Morris is one country music star that is not afraid to speak her mind

Maren tweeted last night, “Country artist who loves gay people, hates Trump agenda, adores capitalism at its finest, wants equal pay, education, and healthcare: WHO TF DO I VOTE FOR?!”

Morris is known for being outspoken and progressive in the often conservative country music genre. She recently told Playboy, “Anytime someone is courageous or doesn’t try to blend in, it pisses people off. It’s been like this forever, but we’re much more connected now than we used to be. A lot of hot-button things that seem small explode into something huge.”

In the same article she talked about being one of few women played on the radio, “That I’m restrained in any way is a dumb perception, because I’ve tried to kick ass at everything I do. I work hard. I wish the same for my sisters, because they work just as hard, if not harder, than I do, and they don’t get a single spin on the radio. I don’t think I’m pissing on my success by speaking up for them. I’m just trying to say, while I have the success and while I’m here, why aren’t any of my friends getting played? I want to shine a light while I have it and not let it be just about me.”

-Nancy Brooks