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I did not have a great vacation, as a matter of fact we ran into obstacles at almost every turn.

The worst by far was having to come home to bring our dog, and Tanner in the Morning show member Winnie, back to life.  Here’s what happened.

You’ve heard us talk about Winnie now for a while. Winnie is unlike any other dog that has ever been in my life.  She is attached and I mean REALLY attached to me and especially my husband Rick;  So when we went on vacation we carefully selected a dog sitter. She is a wonderful woman who I have known forever and lives in a wonderful home.  She gave Winnie the best care she could.

The problem was Winnie refused to eat or drink because she missed us! And she was suffering from Anxiety. Olivia told me right away that she wasn’t consuming anything and we made up our mind we would go get her soon if it continued. By day three Olivia told us she had consumed an entire meal. Great, we thought.

Unfortunately by the time she did eat her stomach was so raw from not eating she had developed severe symptoms of colitis. And she also accidentally consumed some cat food (REALLY bad for dogs)> I came home midweek and immediately to her to the vet where she received a bag of fluids and medicine. This helped her recovery. It wasn’t until her Dad returned yesterday that she completely acted herself again. We will never take her out of her home again if we go away and will never leave her behind without a family member there. Do you know of good dog-friendly places to take pets?  We are on the lookout but would love personal recommendations. Please let me know and also let me know if I can blog your recommendation.  Thank you!