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LONDON - OCTOBER 09: A visitor slides down artist Carsten Holler's installation entitled 'Test Site' at The Tate Modern on October 9, 2006 in London. The work, for the Unilever Series, consists of five gigantic tubes which spiral from different levels of the gallery into the Turbine Hall. the largest tube is 55.5 metres long and has a gradient of 30 degrees. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

I remember a time in my life where I LOVED to travel.  I took my first airplane ride from Houston to see my grandparents here in Charlotte in 1976 and I was hooked.

Then, 911 came.  And don’t get me wrong, I am ALL ABOUT doing whatever is necessary to keep people safe.  That being said, flying ANYWHERE….ANY TIME… has become a royal pain in the arse.

Look, I booked a flight last night for next month, and I’m ALREADY dreading it.

HOWEVER, if this ever becomes a part of the architecture in American airports, it would ease my antipathy significantly.

Yup!  If you’re running for the gate, carry-on in hand at Singapore’s Changi Airport, a four floor-high slide  is designed to get you to your departure gate with the fewest number of steps possible.

Who needs an escalator when you can roll like this?!