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Party like Gatsby!

I’ve been seeing this event shared around my Facebook for a while now, and I finally looked into it, and it looks like a pretty epic night.

The Biltmore Estate is hosting a Gatsby-themed glitz and glamour party next year!

The party is called the “Gatsby 2020: Return to the Roaring 20’s” and will take place on Biltmore’s South Terrace on 3/28/2020. You can expect food, a high-energy 20’s-esque dance band, a tour of the Biltmore House and gardens, old-time cars, limo rides, professional photography, and more. The best part (in my opinion though) is that you have to dress up! Formal attire is required.

But if you want to party like it’s the 20’s, it’s definitely gonna cost you. Tickets are $195 for a standard ticket, and VIP tickets run for $495. YESH!

Would you go to the Catsby 2020 party at Biltmore?


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