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TODAY -- Pictured: Dr Oz on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC)

In January, Debbie and I started on a journey to get our lives back in order physically.  We knew what it was going to involve and it wasn’t going to be easy.

6 months later, we’ve lost (combined) around 100 pounds and still have some more to go.  It’s all about being healthy and making healthy choices.

Speaking of which, Dr. Oz was on the TODAY show sharing five foods from around the world that can help you live longer.   Normally, when Oz comes on the TV, I’m leaving because he’s seemingly obsessed with pooping (may just be my imagination).

Anyway, here are the five foods to consume for a longer live:

  1.  Chapulines-Mexian for grasshoppers they are (according to Dr. Oz), a great source of protein and is better for the environment than meat.
  2.  Quinoa-one of the healthiest grains
  3.   Hazelnuts-great source of antioxidants
  4.   Lentils-a plant-based protein and an excellent source of iron
  5.   Snow Peas-their leaves are a cross between baby spinach and peas that promote healthy gut bacteria (and THERE’S his poop obsession again!)

Of all of these, only Chapulines are on my NO WAY list.  Look, if it costs me an extra year on the back end to never eat grasshoppers…then so be it! 😉