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NEW BEDFORD, MA - JULY 14: A shortfin mako shark emerges from the water after being caught by Eric Kelly on the Kalida during the 31st North Atlantic Monster Shark Tournament on July 14, 2017 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The annual non-profit fishing tournament brings fishermen from all over New England in search of shortfin mako, porbeagle and common thresher sharks. (Photo by Maddie Meyer Getty Images)

Okay, this is a little too close for comfort.  On Saturday, we got back from a fantastic week at Myrtle Beach.  Literally, 2-5 miles from where this was taken at Cherry Grove in North Myrtle.


As God as my witness…never again shall I enter Jaws’ living room.  True fact you may not be aware of:  There has never been ONE documented shark attack in a hotel pool. 😉