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She wasn’t ready to be this vulnerable…until she was.

This ballad is all about opening ourselves up to heartbreak by inviting a partner to meet your family in your hometown.

It always seems as if your family loves the one your dating so much it breaks there heart in more ways than one when the relationship ends. They hate more than anything to see you upset, but they also hate to see your partner go.

Andress said, “Originally, the thought was the way the song is now, but then I didn’t wanna be that vulnerable. I was like, ‘How about we do it where I’m the heartbreaker? That’s more accurate’  And they were like, ‘Can’t you be vulnerable for two seconds?’ So I was like, ‘Fiiiine.’ I thought, ‘This was my original idea, so I should probably just stick with it and not make it something that it’s not.'”

Check it out: