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Photo by Wendy van Zyl from Pexels

The last week has been a busy one, but overall a good one. I’ve turned a year older, a year wiser, and a few other things happened along the way.  I’m currently sitting in an airport waiting on my flight back to Charlotte, and something has been weighing heavy on my heart the last week that I really wanted to share with yall.  Last Sunday I was invited to go to church with an amazing friend of mine, not even knowing that the sermon would hit home like it did.

The church has been going through the Serenity Prayer, line by line, and discussing it through the summer and last week just happened to be the line, “Accepting Hardships As A Pathway To Peace.”  Now I’m not one to complain or say that I live or have a hard life, because I know a lot of folks that truly do.  But lets face it, we all have good days and bad, ups and downs along the way.

When I look at the past year of my life, since the day I turned 31, I’ve truly been through some ups and downs.  Struggles I question and just don’t understand.  Cancer has struck two people I really care about in life, heartache that I didn’t ever see coming, and adjustments in my career.  That is a lot for a year. A lot of Hardships to Accept.  But I’m here, and I’m now 32, and I’m ready for it.

More ready then I’ve ever been actually and more excited about the next year coming.  Those with Cancer are healing and things seem positive. The heartache has slowly healed, and my career has adjusted.  I have found the Pathway to Peace as the preacher spoke about last Sunday and the Pathway has lead to a more fulfilling relationship with God.

The first few hours of 32, and the next few hours of my life when I land in Charlotte will be spent with an amazing person that asked me to go to church, which has led me to this positive outlook and I can’t wait to see where it all goes.  I also will be surrounded by amazing friends and family as we celebrate one of my best friends daughters, turning one.  Even they fought hardships to find the pathway to peace they now have in their life and it’s the most rewarding to watch.

The next time in life when your struggling, when things get tough, and when you are questioning God putting these events in your life just realize that in time it will all make sense.  This Pathway will help you find peace.  I know as the years pass by, more hardships will come along, and when they do, I’ll be more ready for them then ever.

Have a Great Sunday Yall.