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Last week, Debbie and I went and saw one of the most original movies we’ve seen in a long time. “Yesterday,” tells the story of a guy who, after a worldwide blackout, discovers he’s the only one who remembers the music of The Beatles.

Along the way, you find there are other things that never existed like cigarettes and COCA-COLA!  For you Pepsi people, you’ll be happy…you made it.

I’m sitting there thinking a world without the Beatles’ music is bad enough, but no Coke?!  I’m out! 😉

My beverage of choice is always Coke Zero Sugar.  LOVE IT!  And this past spring they introduced an orange-vanilla fave that has not made it out of my fridge, but apparently, this fall…it will be replaced.

After having it tested through the roof in the UK, Coca-Cola is introducing Coca-Cola Cinnamon in the United States.  Sign me up. See more on the new flavor here.