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Uh, okay, this is NOT what I wanted to read/hide from my son’s mother as he went racing out of the house this morning in his Jeep Wrangler.

The folks at Jeep say they believe they have found what causes the “death wobble” in Jeep Wrangler and promise to fix the issue.


As a Jeep owner, again-whose son drives one, I didn’t even know what a “death wobble” is.

If you’re in my boat, the “death wobble” is an issue with the Jeep and some other heavy-duty pickups where there’s a violent vibration when traveling at high speeds.

While there have been no serious injuries from the “death wobble” many Jeep owners continue to complain about the issue.  I’m just hoping my son doesn’t try to drive a Jeep at high speeds (NOT the smoothest of cars to do this in…trust me).

Jeep have found the issue’s cause and are willing to fix it for free.


Have you ever experienced the “death wobble.”