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Xinhua/Nicolas Celaya via Getty Images

I was working an event at at McDonald’s grand opening in Concord on Saturday, and one of our station’s support people was telling me about a NEW Harry Potter movie starring the original cast.

I’m pretty much on top of these things and had not heard or read one word, so I cautioned her to cool her jets.  Perhaps, I need to fire them up again.

Creator JK Rowling has tweeted a thing in months.  Then, a few days ago, this…


This photo of the death eater skull and Slytherin House snake-captioned with “sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places #HarryPotter #CursedChild,” has fans in a tizzy.

Is a “Cursed Child” movie REALLY on the way?  Supposedly, there’s to be an announcement of some sort made today by Warner Bros.

The Cursed Child recently opened on Broadway in New York and tickets have been in high demand.