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I don’t know which piece of information I found more interesting:

-Eddie Murphy has had ZERO contact with the actor who played the title character of “The Golden Child” in the  1986 movie since its premier 33 years ago


-“The Golden Child,” a little boy in the movie, was actually played by a girl!

While at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote his upcoming “Dolemite Is My Name,” Murphy stopped by “The Hollywood Reporter” studio at the St Regis Hotel, where he caught up with THR executive director of events Jasmin L. Reate and posed for a photo with her.  No big deal, right?  Except Reate played THE GOLDEN CHILD in the movie!


Yup!  “The Golden Child” was a girl!  I never knew.  I mean, I guess it was in the credits, and I just never paid attention, but still!

“He was just as kind as I remembered him when I was 6,” said Reate of her reunion with her one-time co-star.