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Photo courtesy of Pixabay by Pexels

Go to college they said.  It would be fun they said.

Then you walk away 4+ years later with a staggering amount of student loans.  All to realize that its just the beginning of the struggle in life.  The job you get barely pays you enough to pay for the loans, and before you know it you’re trying to buy a house.  You don’t qualify because of your debt to income ratio, thanks to those loans, and your stuck renting.

Years down the road you meet someone, and yall want to get married.  They don’t know about your loans, and you don’t know about theirs.  Before you know it, you both are held liable for each other’s loans and this is when things really start getting bad.  Before you know it, your a statistic.  You are the 1 in 8 that blames their divorce on those student loans.

Yes, 13% of divorces happen because of student loans, and this is why.

So what do you do? Well, that is a tough answer.  But know that expensive college isn’t always best. In fact, sometimes the college itself isn’t the best. Great trade jobs are available all over this country, and you can still make great money.