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It’s like your own personal wingman.

Officially launching in the U.S. on Friday, Facebook Dating will have many of the same features as other dating apps, but one interesting feature is that it won’t show your profile to any of your Facebook friends.

The app also integrates Instagram into the app so you can add stories/ photos for a real-time look at your life. The “Secret Crush” feature will let you select 9 secret crushes and if they mark you the same, you’ll both receive a notification. No need to quietly stalk each other anymore!

“Today people are asked to make a decision as to whether or not they like someone immediately based on a static profile. To help you show, rather than tell, who you are, we’re bringing Stories to Dating. This format lets you be authentic in a way that a typical dating profile can’t, and it helps you get to know someone before and after you match” Facebook says in a press release.

For more info, click here.