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DES MOINES, IA - AUGUST 13: A food vendor waits for customers during the Iowa State Fair on August 13, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. The Iowa State Fair is one of the oldest and largest agricultural and industrial expositions in the United States. The annual fair, the largest event in Iowa, attracts over a million visitors each year. The fair runs through August 23. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Debbie and I make no bones about our love for food.  In fact, we’ve spent the entire year trying to take of pounds DUE to our excessive devotion to “over-nutrition.”

And she’s a chef who loves cooking and sharing recipes and techniques with you (see “Dishin’ With Debbie”).

We also make no bones about our love of “fair food.”  If it’s fried,  fatty or on a stick we’re all in.  Yesterday marked our annual appearance at The Cabarrus County Fair.  It was Country 1037 Family Night and we loved seeing all the families walking around together enjoying the event.

Seems there are fewer and fewer family opportunities these days and as our son gets older (about to go to college) we are becoming more acutely aware of chances to be together.

Anway, back to food and the fair.

Let’s go in reverse order.  Our day ended with a quick demonstration of “Cowboy” or “Texas” Caviar on the 1037 Stage with a live “Dishin’ With Debbie.”

However, our afternoon began with “Satan’s Minions” <g> (ie our fave food vendors) setting us up with a table full of the fair-only goodness we love

The Cabarrus County Fair continues at the fairgrounds out HWY 49 thru Saturday.