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I get a kick out of these stories.  They just go to show you what a guessing game the music business really is on a corporate level and how LUCKY those that actually “make it,” are.

I mean, a lot of people forget that Miranda Lamber LOST a reality show competition to Buddy Jewell (currently residing in the “Where Are They Now Files”)

Brett Young is a big deal.

Six consecutive No. 1 singles will do that for you.


Did you know he tried out for “The Voice” three times…and get rejected EVERY time?

According to Brett, “I auditioned three times and never got the call back either time.”

I think it all worked out in the end, don’t you?  By the way, Brett’s second single from his sophomore release is out, check out the video for  “Catch.”

The video was shot at Ole Miss, where Brett was once a scholarship baseball player.