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Many may recognize 42-year-old Jason Aldean as an American country singer and songwriter. But he is quite the mysterious guy, here are ten things you may not have known about Aldean:

  1. Aldean’s real name is Jason Aldine Williams. Before getting started he changed to Jason Aldean with the fear of Williams being too generic.
  2. He started by playing in bars at the age of 14. Aldean’s mom would chauffeur him to any local gig he would find during his teens.
  3. He co-owns a hunting company with Luke Bryan called Buck Commander. They sell gear for hunting lovers.
  4. Aldean grew up playing baseball, receiving many offers for college scholarships for his athletic talent. Lucky for us he decided to follow his musical path, which led to many hit songs.
  5. Although Aldean never attended college, he is a big University of Georgia fan.
  6. His first wife, Jessica Ussery, was his high school sweetheart.
  7. As Aldean was growing up in Macon, Georgia he drove a delivery truck for Pepsi Co.
  8. Aldean revealed to the Today show that he frequently watches Keeping Up With the Kardashians with his wife Brittany.
  9. Alabama is his favorite band and he was invited to sing with them on their tribute album, Alabama and Friends.
  10. His number-one hit, Big Green Tractor, was originally offered to Jake Owen. According to Taste of Country Owen turned it down because he did not relate to the lyrics. Lucky for Aldean, this song became his third number-one on the country charts.


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