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American actors Philip Michael Thomas as Tubbs and Don Johnson as Crockett in the TV detective series 'Miami Vice', circa 1988. (Photo by NBC Television/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

A few months ago, it was reported that Don Johnson was working on rebooting his show “Nash Bridges.”  This was fine and dandy and would make my mom happy (as this was a fave show of hers).

However, NOW he’s hinted that talks are underway for him to reboot what he’s best known for, “Miami Vice.”  This show from the mid-80s was ground-breaking in so many ways (we had to study its influences in college).

well, Don just hinted about a possible reboot of his classic show “Miami Vice.”  Go to 5:45 in the video below.

He made this hint about a possible reboot during an interview on the U.K. show “This Morning.”

“We’re kicking around some thoughts,” said Johnson.

How GREAT is this?!

Re-runs air on one of the Starz channels every night, and I record every one.