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Chick-Fila makes sandwich day ooops

Chick-fil-A faked out fans, but not on purpose!

With the hype of Popeye’s bringing their chicken sandwich back on Nov. 3, which is National Sandwich Day, Chick-fil-A got caught up in the hype. National Sandwich Day just happens to fall on a Sunday this year and of course Chick-fil-A always have their marketing emails loaded and ready to go.

Well, they fired off an email celebrating National Sandwich Day.  But it’s kind of hard to do that when you are closed on Sundays. Therefore, Chick-fil-A sent out a follow-up email which said, ‘We recently sent an email that included a message about National Sandwich Day, which naturally we were very excited about. We didn’t realize it falls on Sunday when we are closed. We apologize for the confusion and hope to see you soon (Monday-Saturday).’

Oooops.  We still love you Chick-Fila!

Who has the best chicken sandwich, Chick-fil-A or Popeyes?