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It is scheduled for Friday the 15th at Presbyterian.

So we have been through two cancer surgeries, this one should be a breeze. On Friday the 15th I will have a angiogram with a vascular stent being put in my left leg. Not sure exactly what that all means, but it is supposed to possibly help with all the pain I have dealt with in the last 6 years.

I have what is called May-Thurner syndrome. It means my left Iliac vein (a large one that returns blood to my heart) is compressed by my left Iliac artery. It causes a lack of blood flow to my pelvic area. Exactly where the large tumor was removed in 2014.

It is like trying to get blood through straw that has a kink in it. The stent is supposed to open up the vein.

This condition causes me to be exhausted all the time. I wake up and just want to go right back to sleep. My legs are always sore because of a lack of blood flow.

So Friday the 15th it is. This isn’t supposed to be a risky surgery, but things can happen, so I would appreciate your prayers.