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Catherine Lane

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When the news first came in yesterday morning that Sam Hunt had been arrested early Thursday morning in Nashville for DUI a couple of thoughts came to mind.  We were relieved he didn’t hurt anyone or himself.  He was allegedly driving the wrong way down an East Nashville road with a blood alcohol level of .173.

Now we know via E News that Sam and four friends were partying at a Nashville restaurant  before be became intoxicated and then arrested..  He reportedly was the life of the party and buying drinks for everyone there.  Somehow he got in his car and drove.  Why would he do that, that’s the question.  He made a bad decision and he needs to pay for that no question but WHY would he  not use a car service, ask a friend, call his wife ANYTHING but get behind the wheel of the car.  I’m not judging, trust me, anyone can make horrible mistakes but I hope if there is a problem somewhere he gets the help .  Someone close to him, pay attention.