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This week we are switching things up a big to help the animals and folks at CMPD. Staycations will help to get some of their dogs out of the kennels for Thanksgiving through Black Friday weekend. The 6 dogs you see pictured are the ones who need it the most but there are many more listed on our website here. This is what CMPD says about Staycations:

“A Staycation is a break from the kennels for a shelter dog. Adult dogs are specially hand-picked to be approved for this program. If you see the rescue status as “Staycation” on the adoptable dog’s page then they qualify for a 2-5 day foster home visit. This helps us learn more about them in a home environment, as well as gets them out of the shelter. If you take home a Staycation dog, fall in love, and want to officially adopt (we hope you do as we highly encourage this!), you can adopt for FREE*.

We also encourage you to post your staycation dogs on your social media pages, tag us, and use #ACCstaycation so we can follow along and possibly share your staycation fun.
Find us @animalscmpd on Facebook & Instagram; @CMPD_ACC on Twitter.

How it works: come in during our business hours, walk through our kennels and look for the labels on the kennel cards for the dogs who are approved for the program, sign a waiver, take them home. Be sure to bring them back on the 5th day OR bring them with you to complete the adoption. That’s it!

Anyone can come to do this! It doesn’t matter where you live. Just be sure to come with enough time to meet the dog and check them out.

*A $10 license applies to Mecklenburg County pet owners when adopting.”