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If you haven’t had a weight loss goal this year…chances are the thought might cross your mind after today.  And DEFINITELY it will cross your mind about a month from now as New Year’s Resolution season begins.

Been there, done that (this whole year of 2019 has been dedicated to getting our health back under control).

Anyway, here’s some foods you might want to look out for as they are guaranteed to sabotage your best efforts:

-Rice cakes and crackers. While it is easy to grab for these they hold no real nutritional value. Next thing you know you have eaten the whole box and you are still hungry. It is best to pair these with nut butter, fresh fruit, avocado/guacamole.

-Energy bars. Filled with refined sugar. Beware of energy bars with  more than 7 grams of fiber

-White rice. Not your friend. Swap for brown rice or cauliflower rice.

-Sugary drinks. This one is self explanatory. It’s the “s” word–SUGAR.

-Diet drinks. Same as above-SUGAR.

-Frozen food dinners. While a large portion are labeled healthy the other “s” word make these problematic-SALT.

-Potato Chips. Loaded with saturated fats, refined carbs (the bad ones) and calories.

-Fast Food. Sodium, sugar and calories.

-Big Bog Cereals. The size of the box effects your weight loss. When you buy the big box you tend to use the big bowl and have a big serving. You know the sugary cereals are not your friend. Opt for a smaller box and a smaller bowl. The name of the game-portion control.

-Alcohol. Beer and sugary mixed drinks are not your friend.

I’m not gonna lie to you.  Some of these are much easer than others.  Some are near torture to give up, and we had to give them up as moderation was not an option.  Potato chips, fast food, and white rice…gosh we miss them