Holiday Traditions with Country 1037

He just wants to spread the Christmas cheer!

The South Carolina resident is upset because he was kicked out of a shopping mall for looking too much like Santa Claus. In addition to sporting a long white beard, Robert Allen likes to dress in a red suit and hat with white furry trim. Sounds like Santa to me!

He says he and his family were eating in the food court at Rock Hill Galleria when a security officer approached him and said, “You can’t come in here.” When Allen asked why, the man said, “You look too much like Santa Claus.” Apparently, the mall has a contract with another Santa that forbids any other Santas from stealing his thunder.

Mall officials say he’s welcome back whenever he likes — as long as he ditches the Santa suit. “They are going to get a bag of coal without the coal in it,” says Allen, who likes to go by “Robby Claus.”