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Photo by Pixabay/Pexels

This couple may show us the truest meaning of ‘Till death do us part.’

A Michigan couple who were married for 70 years has died at the age of 90 – just 20 minutes apart.  Family members say Les and Freda Austin have been together since high school and “did everything together.” Both were in hospice care in side-by-side beds when they died on Dec. 6th, less than a month after celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary.

Their daughter said Les and Freda are eternally together, while their son said: “If they had to go, this way was about as romantic as you could get”.

Michigan couple married for 70 years, dies minutes apart

A Michigan couple was married for 70 years. They did everything together, including their last day.

Do you know a couple like Les and Freda that are still inseparable after decades together?  What do you think was their secret?