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A few special needs students decided to go to a Pizza Hut and were treated terribly.

They were told by a worker in Tennessee to hurry up with their stay to make room for the regular people. The students were attending a birthday party at the restaurant. A spokesperson didn’t comment directly on the employee but assured that training and policy will be reviewed.

A teacher who was with the party added: “They kept rushing us because their ‘regular’ group of people was coming in, whatever that was supposed to mean.”The parents are believed to have learned about the incident after seeing it being reported on social media. “So this just in, Pizza Hut in Ripley, TN makes special needs class serve and clean up after themselves before their ‘regular’ customers come in,” tweeted @HatherBensch. “Manager shrieking responsibility, and corporate defending its employees. Who will speak up for these kids, and make this right?” Newsweek Magazine reported.


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