Throughout every town across the nation, music echoes inside the walls of small venues. While the artists who take the stage may not be household names yet, in many cases, their hopes and aspirations of making it big are just as big as their talent — And Kelby Costner is no exception.

Costner, a North Carolina native, isn’t your stereotypical mainstream country artist, rather he offers a rootsy blend of traditional country music — Mixed together with a lot of heart and soul.

I had the opportunity of seeing him perform last night at the Neighborhood Theatre in NoDa, and his stage presence is just as impressive as his sound. Throughout the show, Kelby’s carefree nature delighted fans and kept the crowd entertained.

He and the band owned the stage, and captivated the audience throughout the entire show. With covers like ‘Sold’ by John Michael Montgomery and ‘Can’t You See’ by The Marshall Tucker Band, in addition to Kelby’s own hits, such as ‘I Need My Girl’, ‘Hold On,’ and ‘Holy Ghost Town,’ there’s no doubt Kelby Costner is making a name for himself in the country music scene.

Make no mistake about it, Kelby Costner is the real deal, and he and the band are setting their sights on making it big. It’s not optional. From Kelby’s perspective, it’s not a matter of if they make it big, it’s a matter of when.

As the band continues to follow their dreams, they will undoubtedly stay the course and win the hearts of country music fans worldwide.

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