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As someone who has regularly battled “the bulge” as an adult, I can tell you this has ALWAYS been a pet peeve of mine.

What you’re seeing above is a label for a carton of ice cream in my freezer (ice cream is, has been, and always will be, a weakness of mine).

If you notice, in REAL BIG LETTERING, is says “160 calories per serving.”  In the grand scheme of things, that doesn’t sound like a whole lot to get some ice cream goodness in your belly.

However, if you read the find print above you’ll see that it says, “9 servings per container.”  It’s as if they are trying to hide the fact that if you sit down and kill the carton (and who among us hasn’t done that?!), you’ll bee ingesting almost 1500 calories.

Not so good.

Well, those days are coming to an end.  New rules instituted by the Food and Drug Administration will now have nutrition labels for any food package that contains between two and three servings, include calorie counts for devouring the entire thing.

Claudine Kavanaugh, director of the office of nutrition and food labeling at the FDA, put it best, “We know that Americans are eating differently, and the amount of calories and nutrients on the label is required to reflect what people actually eat and drink – not a recommendation of what to eat or drink.”

FINALLY, nutritional information that I need…and I don’t have to do math to figure it out!