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Catherine Lane

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A few years ago we got a little surprise, as I like to say, from Jesus. Quite unexpectedly we became the proud parents of a bouncing baby puppy. Now Winnie has stolen our hearts and even has a job on the Tanner In the Morning Show hosting “Winnie Weekends” every Friday.

Winnie was originally going to be Tanner’s dog but as fate would have it she turned out to be ours. No one was more surprised with the news than my husband Rick who strongly and I mean strongly, and definitely, did NOT want a new dog. Now, of course, he weeps with joy every time she comes in the room. He is IN LOVE with Winnie. She is an angel. She just turned three and we thought you might like to take a peek at a few of the reasons why she is the center of our world. I would like to add that if all possible, please adopt!  The time and circumstances were right for us to bring Winnie home with us and we hope you enjoy a little look back: