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I remember this campaign we did a couple of years ago.  Law enforcement at the time was not being treated with the respect and love they deserve and we stepped up to remind them how much they were appreciated.

Here’s what I know about police officers.  Like doctors, pastors, firefighters, servicemen/servicewomen etc. it is a calling.

To put your life on the line every day for us is not something you just wake up one day and say, “Yeah, I guess I could do that.”

No.  Police officers have an internal desire to make the world safer and better for their fellow man/woman that can only be satiated by service.

Not only is that to be admired, it demands respect and appreciation.

So, on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, I’m gonna start here.

The man in the picture is Major David Robinson of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.  You may recognize him as the guy behind the podium of just about every press conference (it seems) involving CMPD.

More important to me, he is the father of the kid on his right.  His name is Sam, and he’s one of my son’s good friends and teammates on the Parkwood High School Golf Team.

Sam spends a lot of time in our home and if you’re around him for longer than 5 minutes, you would know that Major Robinson is also one helluva dad.

So I challenge you today.  On our Facebook page (Charlie and Debbie Show) or on the station’s Facebook page, post the names/pictures of your family and friends involved in law enforcement.  Let the world know how much you love and appreciate them for who they are and what they do for us on a daily basis.